The J. Stanley-Owusu Group consists of the following companies:

  • J. Stanley-Owusu & Company Limited

J. Stanley-Owusu & Company Limited was incorporated on 4th February 1970 as a privately owned Ghanaian Civil Engineering Company.

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  • Accra Solid and Liquid Waste Limited

Accra Solid & Liquid Waste Management Limited, a privately owned Ghanaian company, was established on 24th July 2001 to assist the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in its sanitation operations.

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  • Kumasi Waste Management Limited

Kumasi Waste Management Limited was established in 2000 to complement Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly's (KMA) efforts to improve sanitation in the region.

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  • J. Stanley-Owusu Contract Crushing Limited

The operations in this sector are two-fold: Mining at the company’s own quarry sites with well designed and equipped infrastructure.

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  • Larsen Ghana Limited

Larsen Ghana Limited was incorporated in May 2003 as a joint venture between J. Stanley-Owusu  (86%) and Soren Larsen of Denmark (14%).

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  • Ghana Food and Beverage Industries Limited


  • Kumasi Catering Rest House Limited (Grand Regency Hotel)

Grand Regency Hotel Limited is a joint venture facility with JSO as the majority shareholder with 75% shares and SSNIT with 25%.

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