J. Stanley-Owusu & Company Limited


J. Stanley-Owusu & Company Limited was incorporated on 4th February 1970 as a privately owned Ghanaian Civil Engineering Company. The company originally operated as J. StanleyOwusu Contract Works in 1961, involved in the supply of sand, stones and gravels with its fleet of tipper trucks and wheel loaders. In 1965, J. Stanley-Owusu Contract Works procured its first mobile crushing machine with a capacity of 20 tonnes per hour.  With the purchase of the crushing plant, the core business of the company changed from supply to the quarrying and crushing of aggregates for Ghana’s fast-growing roads and building industry. It has  become a leading player in the field.

The company has grown and diversified into other sectors of the Ghanaian economy, mainly:

  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management
  • Quarrying and Contract Crushing
  • Hydrological Engineering

However, the core of the company's operation is now management of waste, both solid and liquid, in Accra, Tema and recently Shama Ahanta.

The Hydrological Engineering activities of the company include projects for Coastal Protection and Sea defence projects.  The operations involve the supply and laying of boulders, working to stringent design specifications.  The main client was the Government of Ghana through the Hydro Department of Ministry of Works, Water Resources and Housing.  Major projects undertaken were Teshie Coastal and Keta Coastal.