JSO has recently partnered with CHF on the (Youth Engagement in Service Delivery (Yes)) program through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. CHF provides assistance and urban communities in Ghana and Liberia to have a meaningful voice in the planning and implementation of social improvement programs. The program focuses on training and empowering youth and private sector organisations within the solid waste industry.

JSO is currently in the process of registering the general public in tandem with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in order to collect customer data for the provision of waste management services.  If the project is successfully implemented, it would be scaled up by the local partners. The program will reduce the financial burden of the Assembly since the contractors working in the area will fund for the cost of the collection and dumping of refuse. The program will aid in the prevention of residents in these local communities from dumping waste into drains and surrounding areas as these practices compromise their own health and that of the Accra residents in general.

From various exercises carried out, it became apparent that the locals residing in lower socio-economic areas lack education on the necessity of disposing of waste and living in clean environments. Therefore, the general public from these areas are reluctant to pay for these sanitation services. It is therefore key that the residents in these areas are educated adequately and JSO aims to determine a resolution in tandem with CHF. JSO will be providing logistical support to start the project while CHF provide training and capacity plans to ensure that the desired goals are realised and provide appropriate education to the local residents. The refuse collected will be discharged at the Ablekuman landfill site, which is operated and managed by JSO and will be used for composting.