Reusing and recycling waste reduces waste buried in landfill, lowers waste disposal costs and helps reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Source Segregation (to international standards)

JSO is working towards promoting recycling and source segregation of recyclable materials from general waste. Additionally, as the government moves to reduce the amount of general waste sent to landfill through the implementation of the pre-treatment requirements, we can provide a collection service for any organisation that separates and bales recyclable materials including cardboard bales and plastic bales. For those companies who separate their waste but only have a small quantity, we offer a bag delivery and collection service. We can collect on an ad hoc or planned basis. Contact our office to arrange this service.


  • Organic Composting

We are aiming to operate compost plants throughout the country. The compost produced will find a variety of end users; restoration of our own landfill sites, some will be returned to our local communities, and, increasingly it is used for the manufacture of top quality soils and bagged compost for the retail sector.

Methods of composting; Windrow composting, Pod composting, In-vessel systems.


  • Effluent Remediation

We provide specialised services in the reduction or removal of contaminant concentrations in discharged waste water from any industrial or domestic process or from sewage waters. Each treatment plant is tailored to provide a bespoke process for individual requirements.