Municipal Services

  • Integrated Waste Management

We use of a variety of practices to handle solid waste safely and effectively. As well as seeking to reduce the impact of traditional landfill, we work with our clients to deploy a wide variety of waste control measures and disposal methods such as source reduction, recycling, re-use, incineration, which together can minimise the environmental impact of commercial and industrial waste streams.


  • Refuse Collection

Domestic waste is collected weekly from residents using black sacks or communal bins. JSO also provides waste collection services from a wide variety of commercial properties to multi-national organisations and plcs - with each customer receiving a dedicated and reliable service. JSO are always looking to the future to utilise the best technology, This is demonstrated by our future plans and in particular our target of zero landfill within the next few years. We offer a range of waste collection services tailored to suit your requirements at highly competitive prices.


  • Street Cleaning

We sweep roads and footpaths helping to keep the environment clean. We clean 10,000 miles of streets a year - picking up 5,000 tonnes of litter, and emptying 2,000 litter bins every week. Our manual sweepers remove litter and rubbish from the pavements and grass verges. They also remove larger items of litter from the gutters. Mechanical sweepers are used to clean the gutters and roadways. On street litter bins are emptied regularly

Our aim is to:

  • Remove dog fouling that has not been picked up by the dog's owners.
  • Remove flyposting from public properties or street furnitures.
  • Remove flytipped items from Municipal owned land where the offence causes an obstruction or is considered dangerous.
  • Remove all reported dead animals from public land.
  • Remove spillages/debris.